HTC One M8 Cyber Monday Sale

HTC One M8
Loads of power, a spectacular design and some major enhancements; It looks like HTC has done it again with the One M8 which is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most popular Android devices, due in part to its large, high resolution display, although as mentioned above, the overall design is striking and has won it many accolades. Also worth mentioning is that the phone is impressively fast by current standards, and chances are good that this factor will only improve as time goes on. Most importantly you can grab HTC One M8 Cyber Monday deal for just $29 with no rebate required.

The HT One M8 smartphone is packed full of power and features while improving the design in just about every area. Even better, the phone is loaded with all the most advanced technology and includes a MicroSD card slot. The One (M8) takes the concepts of the first One, expands on them in the right places and throws in additional HTC perks here and there, including packing in the latest version of Android along with a first rate processor.

When it comes to the “feel” of this phone, all we can say is it feels great. Let’s face it, there’s a subtle mental reaction when we pick up something for the first time, an expectation of how it might feel in your hand and this new smartphone from HTC, with its 160g weight and 9.35mm thickness combines the two very well. Holding the One (M8) in your hand is a genuinely satisfying experience, an experience that makes the user feel like they’re holding something solid and worth the amount of money paid for the phone.

The HTC One M8 Has a Lot of Style
This flagship version of the HTC One M8 is a sharp look metallic grey, however there are other options available including a silver variation that connotes the previous design and a champagne and rose gold option are available as well.

Special Features
A brushed metal design with a feel good, wrap around unibody framework that curves to fit comfortably in your hand. The brushed metal look is stunning, and definitely helps it outshine its predecessor.

The latest, state of the art photo tools that take larger panoramic pics, eliminate blurry results and incorporate spectacular effects with just one touch.
HTC’s Boomsound blows away the competition when it comes to kicking up the volume and retaining sound quality.

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Phone and TV integrated, at your fingertips – The One (M8) offers a graphics based program guide where you can find all your favorite shows fast. The intelligent remote makes use of viewing preferences to recommend the latest shows you might like. Sports lovers will appreciate the HTC’s Sense TV™ Sports that will tell you what channel the game’s on, states and scores streaming and much more. In addition, the available social feeds will provide real time posts regarding the show you’re watching.

Buy HTC One M8 on Cyber Monday

If you’re looking for a phone that visually looks like a million bucks when compared to others in the smartphone industry, that’s built with some of today top end components, you can’t do much better than the HTC One M8 in 2014 and maybe even 2015.

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